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International bearings industry is moving towards demand for excellence from their component suppliers. Growing efficiency demands along with a reduction in noise levels need highest standards of precision. Zero Defect processing is now a necessary requirement. Also, increasing competition also mandates cost effective methods of production. In the present scenario only the agile and fast will last.

Since its inception, our team at PROTEC is striving to achieve this through continuous improvement in Product Innovation, Machine Technologies & Process Design.

We are a valued partner to our Customers for our consistency and commitment towards achieving their desired objectives. Our Customers, who are always on the forefront of the technology revolution, are always innovating towards better performance and higher durability. They place their trust in us to be able to deliver precision taper roller solutions which match their standards. To summarize our approach towards manufacturing of Taper Rollers, we deliver best results through continuous improvement in PQCDSM.


As our moto says we are always striving to achieve perfection in anything we do and therefore are committed to excellence. This brochure provides a brief overview of our history and our capabilities. I hope you find it useful for better understanding of our products and the company. Additionally, our team can help you with any special request that you may have.

We look forward to a mutually beneficial long-term partnership for success!

--- Alok Mehta, Managing Partner - PROTEC

Company History & Brief Overview

Protec was established in the year 2011 in the industrial city of Rajkot, Gujarat-India, with the core objective to produce Tapered Rollers efficiently using the best in class manufacturing practices. Ever since inception, we have strived to adopt internationally competitive processes which resulted in highest quality components.

In the year 2018, PROTEC acquired a Tapered Roller Manufacturing facility from South Korea called Korea Ball & Roller (KBR). KBR was previously a part of FAG, Korea.

KBR was a supplier to major Taper Roller Bearing Co’s like NSK, Schaeffler, SKF, Iljin, etc. Through this acquisition, PROTEC is now an approved supplier to major Taper Roller Bearing manufacturers around the world.

For this, we have also built a new state-of-the-art modern production facility on our newly acquired 10 acre (40,468 square meters) land at Chappra Village, Rajkot.

On achieving full capacity, this phase of the new plant to be India's largest production unit from a single location for end-to-end manufacturing of Ready-For-Assembly Taper Rollers meeting international quality standards.

Salient Features of the New Plant are:

  • IATF:16949, ISO 9001 Certified, TPM JH Step & Lean Manufacturing Compliant Plant.

  • Technology Transfer through acquisition to follow International best practices.

  • New Plant implements Industry 4.0 through Factory Process Automation.

  • First time in Indian Roller Industry of New Cold Forging Technology from National, USA.

  • Best-in-class grinding, lapping, sorting & visual inspection equipment installed.

  • Certified Operators with I-L-U-O levels of Skills Upgradation.

  • Dedicated Research, Innovation & Execution Teamfor new developments.

The end use applications of our taper rollers are critical towards daily operations in automotive, trucks, machine tools, robots, automation equipment & more.
Taper rollers

Manufacturing Capabilities

Taper Rollers continue to be in high demand to meet the constant needs of an evolving automotive market. The passenger and commercial vehicle builders demand higher efficiency bearing with very low noise/friction and a greener footprint.

The new PROTEC range of ready-for-assembly rollers are being developed with this focus on extreme efficiency. Class XE will gradually be the regular benchmark for production. A complete list of our product categories can be seen at the end of this catalogue.

We look forward to discussing your requirements.

  • Taper roller installed capability up to 3 million rollers per day.

  • Roller diameters from 6mm - 18mm

  • 80 roller types available

  • 13 roller grinding lines

  • SAE/AISI 52100 is standard material and other materials made to order

  • In house continuous SCADA operated through hardening process available

  • Automotive and heavy trucks markets

  • Wheel bearing, transmission, differential and hub unit applications

Taper rollers

Research and Development

Product and process innovations are the mainstay of a growing organisation. New developments showcased in this brochure are the results of hard work, practical solutions and the commitment to excellence from a dedicated team of highly qualified engineers.

  • More than 5 % of our sales revenue is focussed on new developments.

  • A dedicated team of research and design engineers

  • Unique technical solutions to complex problems

  • CNC Grinding Lines development

  • End Face honing technology

  • Unique packaging system

  • Composite grinding wheel development

  • High speed grinding with focus on further improvement

  • Well equipped Standard Room & Metallurgical Lab to support research and inspection

Roller in Rajkot

Quality Management

  • IATF:16949, ISO 9001 Certified

  • TPM JH Step compliant & Lean Factory

  • CQI-9 procedure followed in HT processes

  • Factory process automation

  • Certified Operator Program with I-L-U-O levels of Skill upgradation plans

  • High OEE & R/R capabilities

New Product Innovations

The necessary elements for the life of a bearing, its noise and its load carrying capacity are:

Quality of Steel Product geometryCondition of contact surface Heat treatment process

We procure steel only from customer approved sources and have the incoming material monitoring mechanism in place. We place critical focus on endface radius & raceway profile. Thus, establishing a perfect contact between the bearing flange & the roller endface. Various raceway profiles (convex, log or straight) reduce bearing stress and increase its wear resistance. Our automated processes commit to optimum roller geometry.

Taper rollers

Taper Rollers for Next Gen Bearings

The global shift from Internal Combustion Engine vehicles to Electric Vehicles (EV’s) is more rapid than expected. Bearing manufacturers are responding to this challenge with new and improved product categories catering to the specific requirements of these upcoming technologies.

For EV’s, the usage of the bearings will reduce but there will be a new class of improved technologies & functionalities required in those bearings. Reduced Friction, lightweight, increase in life, etc will be few of the critical areas as mileage efficiency expected out of EV’s will be at least 3 times of the normal IC engines. Higher efficiency transmission systems will be important to achieving fuel efficiency.

Class XE

PROTEC has developed a new Class of Taper Rollers, Class XE (Extreme Efficiency), suggested for use in electric vehicle (EV) transmission systems. The Class XE taper roller, is a considerable improvement in all the main quality parameters in addition to honed end faces. Thus, reducing friction at the time of contact with flange, lowering noise and improving performance.

Taper Roller in Rajkot

Why Choose PROTEC?

We are a valued partner to our Customers for our consistency and commitment towards achieving their desired objectives. Our Customers, who are always on the forefront of the technology revolution, are always innovating towards better performance and higher durability. They place their trust in us to be able to deliver precision taper roller solutions which match their standards.

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